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  • Arcade Space Explorer

    Maneuver through an asteroid field in a space shuttle and survive for as long as possible. To create this game, you'll have to program arrow keys, object movement and detect collisions between objects. Then build a LEGO joystick and use it as a controller for the Space Explorer game, now richer and more engaging with the addition of a soundtrack. *Health & Safety Guidelines subject to change.
  • Computer Programming

    This Computer Science Program is designed to engage young minds and help students advance from being merely computer users to creators. The series blends computer science concepts and programming using Python, Java, and other programming languages. During this two semester program, students will write simple code to solve puzzles and progress through various levels. With the experience gained from this course, students can aspire to participate in the American Computer Science League (ACSL) Competition in the Elementary Division. This program is flexible in allowing it’s complexity to be based on a student's individual progress. No prior programming experience is required, and every student will be able to learn at their own pace. This course is a perfect fit, whether you are new to coding or have prior experience. Students will learn the basics of computer programming. **Teaching Assistants are high achieving undergraduate computer science students and top AP Computer Science high school students. The following topics will be covered: Sequences If Blocks and Loops Internet Security Conditional Statements Algorithms Binary Number System Debugging Techniques Problem Decomposition Functions Nested loops and conditionals Communication Protocols Abstraction Variables For Loops Functions with Parameters The course is designed and executed by graduates from the University of Minnesota and MIT. Students with prior Python programming experience will augment their skills solving higher-level problem sets. They can compete in the Junior Division of the ACSL. *Health & Safety Guidelines subject to change.
  • Engineering Club

    Calling new and returning students! The Engineering for Kids Engineering Club introduces students to a new, hands-on lesson every week from various engineering disciplines. For each lesson, students focus developing 21st Century skills such as problem solving, critical thinking, and peer collaboration. These life skills provide students with the confidence to approach challenges in their lives and realize that they can succeed in almost anything! Engineering for Kids has a library of 300+ individual lessons which continues to grow so we never have to repeat lessons. Sign up for one or all sessions! Lessons include: Mechanical Engineering: Explore mechanical engineering to build a simple catapult. Aerospace Engineering: Learn about principles of flight, create and launch your own simple rocket. Coding Unplugged: Code with simple sequencing while engaging your mind in creativity, problem solving, and math. Acoustic Engineering: Explore sound and make music with your own pan flute. Mechanical Engineering: Learn about potential and kinetic energy as you make a fun star spinner toy. Civil Engineering: Learn about civil engineering as you are challenged to build your own zoo. Environmental Engineering: Learn about harnessing the power of wind and create your own windmill. Industrial Engineering: Learn about levers and its properties and build your own gripper tool using a lever. Electrical Engineering: Learn about static electricity and make your own dancing paper doll. Mechanical Engineering: Design a new toy to play with specific materials. Aerospace Engineering: Explore aerospace engineering and design a parachute for Santa. Mechanical Engineering: Use the engineering design process to build your own robot hand. *Health & Safety Guidelines subject to change.
  • MathElite

    MathElite is for honor roll students who are passionate about deep learning, willing to take intellectual risks, and are ready to engage in significant pursuits beyond the grade-level. It will help students with the UMTYMP, CTD, CTY programs, and get on the path to highly selective colleges including Ivy Leagues. This class can specifically help prepare for renowned programs that students in grades 5 through 7 may have the opportunity to participate in. Some of these are: Grades 5th to 7th - University of Minnesota UMTYMP Test, Stanford High School Placement Test, Northwestern University Talent Search Exam, Johns Hopkins CTY Gifted Education Tests. Grades 8th to 11th - training for AccuPlacer College Board Placement Test, training for National Merit Scholarships (PSAT), and other College Admission Tests. Careful assessment will enable students to be placed into appropriate programs based on their eligibility and readiness. Please note that the eligibility is not solely based on their age/grade. **Instructors are supported by high school and college students *Health & Safety Guidelines subject to change.
  • MathPath

    The MathPath program is a pre-algebra course for elementary students that explores ideas such as algebraic manipulation and graphical interpretation through methods rooted in both theory and application. This enrichment program prepares students for standardized testing at and above grade level. The students will be empowered with real instructional time on foundational concepts, and not simply given passive, repetitive worksheets that are proven to be non-engaging and ineffective. Instructors are supported by high school and college students.
  • MathWiz K-6

    Our accelerate math courses broaden students’ understanding of challenging concepts in a manner that enriches their investigative and reasoning skills. In this course, the study of numbers and their operations will be explored through interesting word problems and unique real-world applications. Student progress is strengthened through homework, quizzes, tests, and a cumulative final exam to reinforce their knowledge. Students will sharpen their math skills to have a fundamental knowledge of Pre-Algebra concepts. As a result, they will be highly prepared for middle and high school math courses and national standardized tests. **If the campus is closed due to any unforeseen circumstances, class will take place online. *Health & Safety Guidelines subject to change. Online courses offered by Academic Excellence deliver live instructions. Students will experience engaging and personalized learning and will be supported by resources like videos, polls, online quizzes, notes, and practice problems. Our programs will use breakout sessions to facilitate student learning and engagement. Students will work closely with instructors to prepare for chapter exams and cumulative finals. Academic Excellence has plenty of virtual teaching experience and is trained to deliver high-quality instruction to every student. Students will have an engaging and personalized learning experience and are supported by excellent instructors and technical teams.
  • Myth Busting 101

    Mind-blowing myths or scientific facts? Join Science Explorers as we confirm or bust strange myths and wacky urban legends. We will ask the crazy questions, develop hypotheses, then we may smash it, crash it, or launch it to determine if the myth is confirmed, plausible, or busted. **NOTE: M&Ms (non-peanut variety) and Pop Rocks may be consumed. *Health & Safety Guidelines subject to change.
  • Robotics 2.0

    The next evolution in youth robotics is here! Build a seeing-sensing robot using LEGO® Bricks, then program it to complete unique tasks and challenges. Next, design and build an alarm sensor that warns people of upcoming earthquakes! Students LEARN basic engineering and computer coding concepts; BUILD multiple LEGO® Bricks projects; EXPLORE how the projects and programming complement each other; and PLAY with different building and programming options. *Health & Safety Guidelines subject to change. LEGO® is a trademark of the LEGO Group of companies which does not sponsor, authorize or endorse this site or program.
  • Robotics Team

    Ignite the STEM spark in your child as they build amazing robotic creations. In this class, kids will have hands-on experience effectively using gears, axles, and connector blocks. Once built, kids have the opportunity to use simple coding instructions to make the robots move. Session 1: City Machines - create fun robotic city machines Session 2: Robotic Animals - create multiple mechanical animals that move Session 3: create super crazy fun robots *Health & Safety Guidelines subject to change.
  • Robotics Team: City Machines

    Ignite the STEM spark in your child as they build amazing Robotic creations. In this class kids will have hands on experience effectively using gears, axles, and connector blocks. Once built, kids have the opportunity to use simple coding instructions to make the robots move. *Health & Safety Guidelines subject to change.
  • ScienceWiz

    This program enables the learning of core science concepts by engaging students in demonstrations and discussions of real-world events. Classes are offered in the fall and in the winter and students are encouraged to participate in both sessions. Each class will focus on a different branch of science. These classes go perfectly along with the K-6 science curriculum. Students will develop critical thinking skills and be able to analyze and interpret scientific data. If you want your child to excel in the sciences or become prepared for a STEM-related career, this course is an apt fit. Let’s have fun learning about and exploring science! *Health & Safety Guidelines subject to change.
  • WrestleBot

    Design, build, and program your own wrestling robots. Understand the mechanics of robotics, various motors, and sensors. Also learn foundational building and computer science. At the end of the session, students will build wrestling robots in teams of two and enjoy battle. *Health & Safety Guidelines subject to change.