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  • Summer Band 2017 for Students in 6th, 7th and 8th Grade Only

    This is our annual Wayzata Summer Band for students who currently are in grades 6th, 7th, and 8th grade and who have participated in a middle school band program. The course includes, but not limited to: 1. Playing popular and jazz arrangements in a large group band and small group setting 2. Jazz improvisation 3. Music composition 4. Opportunity to compose, burn and perform digital rock music using Apple's Garage Band 5. Playing in a Small Ensemble Performances: Thursday, June 22 from 7 - 8 p.m., a concert will be presented to the public in the Central Middle School Auditorium.Transportation There will be no bus service to Wayzata High School. A list of participants for setting up carpooling will be mailed to your home at the end of May if you indicate "yes" when registering. Refund Policy: Once the program starts, there will be no refunds. To receive a 50% refund, you must leave a message (763-745-6062) before June 3 with your child’s name and a contact phone number. This document is a release. By registering your child for Summer Band you agree to the following: Please review before registering your child "We the parent and student below, consent to participation by the student in Wayzata Community Education's Summer Band Program and assume the risk of injury arising from such participation. We recognize that the School District does not carry health or accident insurance or other insurance for medical and hospitalization arising from such injuries. We agree to hereby indemnify and hold the School District, its officers, directors, agents or employees harmless for any claim of liability for injuries to the student resulting from all acts of negligence on part of said School District, its officers, directors, agents or employees arising from participation of the students in the program; provided such agreement shall not limit the liability of the School District, its officers, directors, agents or employees for intentional willful or wanton acts".