Young Writers and Speech and Debate
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  • Speech and Debate Workshop

    Save 15% when you register for both Young Writers Workshop AND Speech and Debate Workshop!  You must register for both classes at the same time, in the same shopping cart, to receive the discount.  This new Speech and Debate Program is a perfect introduction to the rewards and exhilaration of communication for our elementary students. The objective of this program is to introduce and begin to hone students’ ability in the important leadership skill of public speaking. Students will employ different tools in their speech presentations. The students will enjoy putting on paper their issues and positions appropriate to their age, and then use the various tools of public speaking like voice quality, tone, volume, articulation, pronunciation, eye contact, and body gestures to make an effective presentation. They will learn how to use different methods to move through their speech. The main skills we expect to use are memorization, full speech manuscripts, and outline. As our students practice these skills in their speeches, they will overcome nervousness when they speak, demonstrate confidence and feel more comfortable talking in front of an audience of any size.This program for beginners is an excellent jump-start for those considering speech and debate in their higher grades. Even students that come to the program reluctantly leave excited and inspired by the progress they have made during the course. Styles of speech covered: Storytelling - students perform a 5-minute memorized children’s story; Impromptu - students are given simple topics and after 2-minute prep, speak extemporaneously on their topic; Expository Speech - students write and deliver an informative or how-to speech - 5-minute memorized event;  Policy Debate - This is an extremely complex form of debate in high school and college. It involves in-depth research and analysis of foreign and domestic policy, as well as philosophical concepts. Students in this workshop will gain a preview of what to expect in high school debate. Instructors are supported by high school and college students for more individualization.This class is for beginners and no prior experience needed. Material fee included.
  • Young Writers Elementary

    Communication is a skill students will use for life in their personal and professional lives. They will be able to use the techniques learned in the Young Writers class in order to creatively and persuasively write in many different forms. This course will allow your children to transform their ideas into mature writing that will set them apart from their peers in conversation and in school. We will delve into five critical branches of writing: storytelling, narrative essays, expository essays, poetry, and journalism. Students will learn how to express their ideas clearly and thoughtfully, and analyze how famous writers like Ray Bradbury and O'Henry use literary devices to illustrate thematic statements. They will be able to use creative writing and thinking to tell their own stories as well. The writing artists teach your young writer to fall in love with the writing process and help develop the discipline required for writing. Individual needs of the student will be identified and instructors will work closely with them in small groups to overcome their individual challenges. The course is designed and executed by graduates from U of MN and MIT and assisted by high achieving undergrad sciences and engineering students and top in AP courses (score 4 or above) high school students.