Discovery of Mathematics Integration in Fantasy Football

In this course students will participate in friendly competition with each other in fantasy football. On a weekly basis the students will participate in the following activities:

-Following a limited budget, each student will select a team from a pool of NFL players that will be their team for the week.

-Do research on the various players and their match-ups for the upcoming weekend.

-Collect statistics from the weekend’s NFL football games that are relevant to the players on their drafted team.

-Use a wide variety of math skills in which all four operations are applied to both whole numbers and fractions/decimal numbers.

-Will keep track of the overall standings, which includes a running total of fantasy football points and wins/losses in head-to-head match-ups against other students.

Integrated Mathematics: Each week students will need to collect the statistics of their players from the weekend and perform various forms of mathematics to calculate their teams’ scores. Following pre-established scoring criteria, students will convert their players statistics into fantasy football points using their knowledge of adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing fractions/decimal numbers. A great deal of learning will take place while the kids are enthusiastically competing with each other in one of their favorite hobbies: football.

NOTE: 5th grade at Greenwood Elementary


  Jon Zetah , Benjamin Rindo

Greenwood Elementary : 26
Tue/Thu, Nov 14 - Jan 7
2:25 - 3:25 PM

  No Class Nov 28, Dec 24, Dec 26, Dec 31 & Jan 2


Grades   5th

$ 79.00
per person

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