Summer Math by Mail: Grades 3-5

For students entering Grades 3-6 in Fall 2019.

Keep your math skills sharp over the summer! This 10-week correspondence program was developed by a veteran teacher. Materials that students will cover during the summer review support concepts they have encountered during their previous school year. Summer Math is not a tutoring program, and it is not an enrichment program to advance students ahead. It offers practice of previously learned concepts to keep skills sharp and build confidence. A pre-test will be sent in early June for each student to fill out the questionnaire to individualize their program. Students will then receive nine weeks of materials. Each week’s packet will include five math lessons with problem-solving activities. The activities will apply to a specific math concept or strand. After the student has completed a packet, they will mail it in. We’ll make corrections, provide feedback and mail it back. Students may start and finish the course at their own pace throughout the strands. When all lessons are completed, students will receive a restaurant meal coupon.

All packets must be returned by August 23 to ensure timely feedback for the 2019-2020 school year.

Registration closes June 25 at 3:00 PM.

MATH-3-5-SU-19 Closed

  Jill Yeager

$ 85.00
per person

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