Greenwood Engineering Club

Engineering Club introduces students to a new, hands-on, STEM learning lesson every week from various engineering disciplines. For each lesson, students focus on developing problem solving, critical thinking and peer collaboration skills. These life skills provide students with the confidence to approach challenges in their lives and realize that they can succeed.

Session 1: Mechanical Engineering (Wind-Up Whirligig), Civil Engineering (Where Does the Troll Live?), Electrical Engineering (LED Card), Aerospace Engineering (Straw Loop Airplanes)

Session 2: Chemical Engineering (Shiny Pennies), Mechanical Engineering (Knot Your Normal Ladder), Marine Engineering (Water Wheel), Aerospace Engineering (Ready, Set, Jump!)

Session 3: Marine Engineering (Sailing Away), Civil Engineering (Columns), Environmental Engineering (Reuse and Recycle), Electrical Engineering (It's the Magnet Hop)

Receive a 10% discount when you register for all three sessions of Engineering Club! (Two winter and one spring) You must register for all three sessions for the same student in the same shopping cart to receive the discount. 5% early registration discount does not apply when the 10% discount is used.

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  Engineering for Kids

Greenwood Elementary : Cafeteria
Mondays, Mar 4 - Mar 25
2:25 - 3:25 PM


Grades   K - 3rd

$ 99.00
Per Person

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