Destination Imagination

Wayzata Destination Imagination is a world-wide creative problem solving competition for students in grades K-12. Teams of six to seven members work together to use creativity and critical thinking skills to solve challenges without assistance from adults or any other non-team members. Students develop leadership, performing, writing, technical, building and teamwork skills as they develop creative solutions. The team chooses one out of five Team Challenges to solve over a 12- to 16-week period and they present their solution at a regional tournament. The team also solves an Instant Challenge at the tournament. Each Team Challenge is designed to be open-ended and solvable in many ways and on many levels.

It is the responsibility of parents and students to be proactive in forming teams. Each team must have at least one adult Team Manager; team managers are usually parents of team members. Team members can be classmates, friends, neighbors...any student interested in creative problem solving and working collaboratively on a team. In order to assist with the team formation process, you can go to "Students Looking for Teams" on and post contact information about your child and/or look for other students interested in being on a team (this site is intended to be a place to post information to assist in team formation; it is not intended to be a registration site). For more information about forming a team and about the Wayzata DI program visit

TEAM MANAGERS: After registering your own child on this site, you must register your team at "Team Registration for Team Managers" on

Fee includes: team memberships, regional and state tournament fees, a DI t-shirt for each student, staff and administrative support, team and manager training, supplies, team reimbursements, and background checks.


  Angie Henry

$ 139.00
Per Person

$ 99.00
Per Person