MathWiz Elementary Series - For Advanced Math Students

The Elementary MathWiz program is a long term honors pre-algebra course for accelerated students. This course is aligned to common core math standards and introduces algebraic concepts through theory and application. Modeling and real-world problems are introduced. Students will focus on the study of algebraic manipulation, graphical interpretation, and get ready for the talented youth algebra programs at the universities.

In the MathWiz program, the young minds are trained to translate words into Math and develop advanced problem-solving skills. During the sessions, students will explore patterns in a systematic, engaging and fun way. Concepts are explored visually, verbally and symbolically enabling math students to be active learners. Each new concept is reinforced with a series of problems of added complexity.
Class sessions include in-class lectures and assignments, individualized webwork and web assignments, periodic quizzes and assessments, and independent study.
Instructors are supported by TAs who are high ability high schoolers (with AP credits) and college students for more individualization.

In addition to the Tuesday classes, students will sign up in class for every-other-week 45-minute lab times for the Web Assessments with slots on a Wed (5:30-8 pm), Thur (5:30-8 pm) or Sat (11 am-1 pm) to enable mapping to the real-time progress.

Tuesday classes are held in the Media Center. Web work/assessments are held in the CMS B110 Computer Lab. The full year program includes 28 class sessions, plus 12 web sessions (9 additional hours for web work).  

Enrollments will be accepted throughout the school year. Tuition will be adjusted accordingly.  This class does not qualify for the 5% early registration discount.

Payment Options:

Option 1:  Onetime payment of $559 for the entire school year includes the $29 registration fee plus a 15% discount.

Option 2:  Initial payment of $73.56 includes the $29 registration fee plus September class dates.  Automatic payments of $72.41 will be charged to the credit card on file on the first day of the month October 2018 - May 2019.

The $29 registration fee is not refundable.

If registering after September 25, 2018, please call 763-745-5213 for a prorated initial payment.  The 15% discount is only available for full-year registration.

Please note, if your child needs to withdraw from the program, we must have notice by the 15th day of the current month for withdrawals effective the first of the upcoming month.


  Center for Academic Excellence

Central Campus - Wayzata Central Middle School CMS : Multiple Rooms
Tuesdays, Sep 18 - May 21
5:45 - 7:00 PM

  No Class Oct 23, Oct 30, Nov 6, Dec 25, Jan 1, Mar 5, Mar 26 & Apr 2


Grades   2nd - 5th

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